Immediate System Four

A new innovative generation

● 1  SINGLE PLATFORM The same prosthetic connection for every implant diameter that helps the professionals, simplifying the procedure management, guaranteeing the maximum flexibility to the system.
● 2  PLATFORM SWITCHING The convergent tapering of the coronal part supports the bone preservation, consistently providing for gingivally aesthetic restorations, stabilizing the soft tissues.
● 3  PROGRESSIVE SPIRAL The spiral is characterized by a apical-coronal trend, which (during the screwing phase) generates a horizontal marrow compaction, increasing the primary stability (ideal for D3-D4 bones).
● 4  PROFILE The conic-truncated profile gives conspicuous advantages in many critical situations
● 5  APEX GROOVES They make a self-tapping implant and contribute in the restoration of bone particles mixed with blood, as well as to the marrow-generated growth factors.
● 6  SHARP APICAL SPIRAL They makes self-tapping the implant.


The double acid treated surface extremely effective

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